The latest updates for ''Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite" will feature an in-game proximity blocking Glitch and Marvel working on a "Secret Wars" game soon.

New game glitch

It seems that Capcom will have to improve the gameplay mechanics for "Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite" as Twitter username Chromey McDry posted a short video of a character blocking glitch within the game. The typical method for blocking attacks in fighting games is by pressing the left directional button as the character will enter a blocking animation.

In this case, however, the video featured Doctor Strange blocking Morrigan's attacks without even touching to him.

Players are also unable to move forward or backward with their character and they are stuck in the same spot.The game developers might have to work on a patch update for the sequel before it launches on Sept. 19.

The Japanese game publisher showcased Ghost Rider, Dormammu, Firebrand, Jedah, and the Soul Stone at Gamescom 2017.The Soul Stone will have the ability to sap the life force of their opponents and revive their fallen partners from battle.

The sequel will feature on and offline new game modes such as Arcade, Versus, Training, Ranked, and Casual matches.

The Story Mode will offer gamers unique missions such as destroying a number of Ultron Sentries before they take out a city.

There are also rumors that the DLC fighters in the game are Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, Venom, and Monster Hunter, while a separate report claimed that X-Men and Fantastic Four characters are coming to the sequel in future DLC packs.

'Secret Wars' game in the works?

Marvel Games looks to add new video game title to their growing franchise and fans have speculated that it will be based on the popular comic book storyline, "Secret Wars."

There are two versions of the superhero story arc. The first version involves the cosmic being named "The Beyonder" who pitted Marvel's mightiest heroes and villains against one another in his planet called Battleworld.

The story also revealed the origin of Spider-Man's black suit costume that became the dangerous alien villain, Venom.

The second "Secret Wars" was published in 2015 and it is written by Jonathan Hickman. It featured a new Battleworld composed of alternate worlds such as "Old Man Logan," "Civil War," Spider-Verse," "Age of Ultron, " Days of Future Past," "House of M," and "Age of Apocalypse."

The new Battleworld was created by Doctor Doom, who became a powerful deity after he usurps the power of the Beyonders before the incursion of the main universe and the Ultimate universe.

For now, the comic book publisher looks to continue to work and promote their upcoming titles such as "MvC: Infinite" and the new "Spider-Man" PS4 game.