Capcom is not yet done with “Resident Evil 7” as it was recently confirmed that more DLC is coming to the game. For several months, fans have not heard any updates about the game from the developer. However, it seems that there are more surprises coming to the fans of the popular horror survival title. This includes the free "Not a Hero" expansion expected to arrive on December 14 and the new DLC titled "End of Zoe." The game will also have a Gold Edition that will not only be available in Japan but also in the US.


The newly announced DLC of “Resident Evil 7” is called "End Of Zoe." However, Capcom has not yet revealed the details of the upcoming expansion.

Currently, fans are only limited to the knowledge that this DLC will feature Zoe Baker and will take place right after the events in the base game.

Gold Edition

Meanwhile, shortly after the announcement of the Japan release of the game’s Gold Edition, According to Gematsu, Capcom confirmed that it will be available in the US. The latest edition of the horror survival game is scheduled to arrive in North America in December 2017. This will include all the "Banned Footage" DLC volumes. In addition, players who will purchase this version will get the "Not a Hero" expansion as well as the newly announced "End of Zoe DLC."

Price and platforms

Capcom has not yet revealed how much the game’s Gold Edition will cost when it releases in North America.

In Japan, it will be available at around $45, so most likely fans who would like to purchase the latest edition will have to spend around that cost. The game publisher has not yet revealed if the game’s Gold Edition will be released in North America with a PlayStation 4-exclusive physical copy similar to what will be released in Japan.

In the trailer released for the game’s latest edition, it was revealed that the game will be released on all platforms. In other words, players using Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC can now enjoy the game.

Other details

Meanwhile, for the fans who would like to jump into the game, the “Resident Evil 7” Gold Edition is a great choice.

Aside from the base game, it is packed with all the contents released to the game after it was officially launched. The latest edition has a complete content that could players the uninterrupted and complete gaming experience. Meanwhile, you can check out the Latest Trailer for the game’s Gold Edition below. This edition will be available in North America starting December 12. It will be playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PC, and Xbox One.