2K Sports revealed a new trailer for “NBA 2k18,” which is called Run The Neighbourhood. The trailer reveals a lot of new activities in MyCareer mode. 2K Sports has been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks because of their amazing work on the “NBA 2K” franchise.“NBA 2k18” will definitely become a big hit in today's gaming industry, especially on how 2K Sports improved its story mode gameplay.

Run The Neighborhood trailer reveals features similar to ‘GTA’

In the latest Run The Neighborhood trailer of “NBA 2k18,” players will notice a lot of new features.

First is the ability to travel in different places in the game, which is very similar to “Grand Theft Auto”, where players can freely move around anywhere they want. The trailer also shows the road to 99 overall, which is every player's dream in their MyCareer mode.

In order to achieve the goal, players can do tons of different activities, such as going through different basketball courts where players can find a match and train themselves. There are different game modes that players can choose, such as the 1v1, and The Playground, which is basically a street basketball mode where players can do amazing crossovers.

There is also The Proving Ground, which is the starting point of every player's career.

Professional players will also have access to the Legendary mode. The last mode is the Dunk-off, which is a slam dunk contest. Aside from the game modes, players can also try training facilities in the game, which will increase a certain status to the character.

Players can also go to gyms in order to gain strength and stamina.

There are also tons of new shops in the game where players can buy different clothes and accessories. There is also a Foot Locker shop in the game which has all of the latest basketball shoes today. The game also allows players to have vehicles, such as bikes and skateboards.

The open world system will bring huge impact for ‘NBA 2k18’

2K Sports seems to be very serious about making “NBA 2k18” as realistic as possible, especially with the game's amazing open world feature. The company also made a lot of improvements in the customization system of the game, where players can now change the colors of their facial hair and equip T-shirts that is created by the game's community. The trailer also shows how different “NBA 2k18” will be than its previous versions, as players can now almost interact with everything. Due to this, it is safe to say that “NBA 2k18” will turn the basketball game genre into another level.