Almost a week following the release of the initial NBA 2K18 player ranking, basketball fans and gamers alike are still talking how NBA superstars reacted on the score they have received. While a few accepted their ratings, they believe this 2K Sports video game does not reflect their true strengths on the hardcourt.

'I do trust the process'

“I have nothing to complain about!” That’s what Minnesota Timberwolves superstar Karl-Anthony Town’s reaction upon learning that his ranking went three points up to 91 compared from last year’s 88. The 21-year old, 7’0” center who averaged 25.1 points and 12.3 rebounds added, “I do trust the process on that one, I do trust the process.”

When Phoenix Suns shooting guard Devin Booker was asked what his player rating should be on NBA 2K18, he thought long and hard, then came up with an 88 to 89 rating.

Told that his rating got a big jump from last year’s 78 to 86 this year, Booker took it like a man, “Got some work to do, I’ll take it though. It’s an improvement.”

Improved player rating by the end of the season

NBA superstar Paul George who will now play for the Oklahoma City Thunder alongside reigning NBA Most Valuable Player Russell Westbrook, believe he should be around 92 to 93 in terms of player rating in NBA 2K18. When told that he will have 91 rating, the 27-year old small forward seems alright with the number.

George promised that “by the end of the season I’ll be like 98, 99, improving towards the end of the season.” The four-time NBA All-Star was rated 89 on NBA 2K17.

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving (who has been in the news lately regarding his request to be traded out) believe that being on the cover of NBA 2K18, his player rating should be at 95+.

Sad to say, the 25-year old four-time All-Star only got 90. But Kyrie promised that by the end of the season, he sure will be rated at 93+. Kyrie’s NBA 2K17 rating is 89.

“That’s cool, I’ll take that,” said DeMar DeRozan when told that his NBA 2K18 player rating is 89. This figure was close to what he initially thought would be, at 91.

Explaining why he gave himself a 91, the 27-year old Toronto Raptors superstar who averaged 27.3 points last season said he left rooms for improvement.

Number of games affects player ratings

“What?” Joel Embiid exclaimed upon learning that his NBA 2K18 player rating is only 86. He initially rated himself a 95, saying he is one of the best defenders in the league and a big man who can also shoot three-pointers.

Though he accepted the verdict, the 7’0” Cameroonian promised that he’ll get that 95 rating by the end of the season.

Embiid was rated at 77 on NBA 2K17. This rating was possibly affected by the fact that it was the first time he played after being drafted back in 2014. And possibly, his 86 ratings somehow got affected as he only played 31 games last season.