After last week's flash sale, most were not expecting anything from Sony for this weekend. Thankfully, our expectations proved wrong, as a new PSX flash sale has been launched. As it ends on September 5th, let us take a look at what is worth considering.


If you own a PS4 and have yet to play "Bloodborne," we only have one question to ask - why? The faster paced spiritual successor to "Dark Souls" is one of the best, if not the best, exclusive on the console. The combat is easy to grasp but hard to master, and the world is gorgeously gothic.

Even at its reduced price of $19.99, the hack and slash RPG is already a steal. Honestly, it was and is still worth the full $60 price tag.

It is currently on sale for $7.99. If you have been waiting for a reason to try it out, there is no better time. It is unforgiving but still accessible.

'Darkest Dungeon'

One of the hardest games of last year, this grim indie turn based RPG boasts a memorable art style and introduces memorable gameplay mechanics and one of the best-recruiting systems in gaming history.

After finding a gate to hell under a mansion, "Darkest Dungeon" sees players work their work from one level to the next, trying to unlock its secrets. After recruiting adventurers to the team, the player has to manage their psyches well in a battle to avoid them getting overwhelmed.

When they die, they are down for good. It makes every fight feel genuinely do or die.

It is on sale for $9.99.

'Mad Max'

For $7.99, this is actually hardly a bargain for "Mad Max," as it has been available for a similar price many times over. That does not mean people who do not own it but are interested, should dismiss its inclusion in the sale.

"Mad Max" is a massive open world action RPG with some of the best car-based combat of all time. It provides dozen of hours in just the main story and is a faithful re-creation of the "Mad Max" film universe.

'Tales of Hearts R'

Sony might be ignoring the PS Vita, but we surely have not forgotten it exists. "Tales of Hearts R" is one of the best handheld entries into the JRPG's impressive series, as it satisfyingly brings over the fast paced gameplay associated with the console "Tales of" titles.

At just $7.49, this is an excellent opportunity to try out one of the better JRPGs on Sony's handheld console.


With "Ys VIII" set to be released in a few weeks, it is not a surprise to see all four games of the series on sale. For those who have never tried a "Ys" title, they are real time action RPGs and a blast to play through. "Ys: Memories of Celceta" is the best entry point into the franchise.