Petroglyph Games announced that the online multiplayer feature will now return in “Star Wars: Empire At War.” Fans got very excited as they have been waiting so long for the game's multiplayer system to return. It is known that the game's multiplayer function went offline when Gamespy went down back in 2014. Due to this, players began to request for a new online service provider for the game.

Steam brings back the life of online multiplayer in ‘Star Wars: Empire at War’

Thanks to Steam, players can finally play online in the game again. Petroglyph Games also receives a lot of positive feedbacks since the return of online multiplayer in “Star Wars: Empire at War.” The company is also thankful for the game's community as they kept on supporting the game considering that it is a bit old.

Aside from the multiplayer support of the game, Petroglyph Games also added a mod support for the game, which will allow players to run different mods in Steam Workshop. “Star Wars: Empire at War” is one of the most popular classic games. It is also one of the best real-time strategy game back in its days. With the return of the online mode of the game, fans can expect that a lot of players will consider going back to the classic “Star Wars” game again.

Other updates in the game

There are also a lot of other updates in classic RTS title aside from its multiplayer mode. First the ability to turn the game into window mode. Crash issues in the game are also fixed in the update. This includes loading of expansion mods while in the original game.

Some object shadows that are not appearing properly is also fixed. Some buttons not highlighting when pointed by the mouse is also solved. The update also fixed issues in loading and saving the game. Players also now have the ability to play with more than 3 AI players in the game, making more challenging.

There is also a list of downloaded mods in the game, making it more organized.

There is also a bug fix where players can create units that were supposed to be unselectable for a long duration of time while in the galactic game modes. Aside from fixes, the game also went on sale for a huge discount.

Fans will be able to get the gold edition of the classic real-time strategy title for only $10. Fans should definitely consider adding this title to their collection as it is very affordable at this point in time. Players can also expect that tons of new mods will be available in the game soon.