clash royale,” the massively popular real-time tower rush online game developed by Supercell, is set to unveil the last card that was introduced a few months ago - the Skeleton Barrel. The Skeleton Barrel is reportedly going to be a useful addition since it is a multi-purpose Common Card that can be utilized both on offense or defense and for practically any type of deck.

Skeleton Barrel – Did Supercell saved the best for last?

A few months ago, the “Clash Royale” development team introduced four new cards that include the Cannon Cart, the Mega Knight, the Flying Machine, and the Skeleton Barrel.

The arrival of these cards was well-received by "Clash Royale" players due to their potential.

The Cannon Cart and the Mega Knight are already live and already have their niche. The Flying Machine will be officially released in just over a week and according to player feedback, the Flying Machine will be useful when paired with other air units. However, these three cards are not Common Cards. "Clash Royale" players will have to work hard to raise the level of these cards to tournament standards. This alone seemingly makes it arguably better than the first three cards.

What’s the newest card good for?

The Skeleton Barrel is Common Card that will cost 3 Elixir to deploy. It can be unlocked from the Builders Workshop (Arena Six).

It is similar to the Battle Ram wherein the Battle Ram spawns two regular Barbarians after the Ram is destroyed. For the Skeleton Barrel, however, it spawns eight Skeletons once the Barrel is destroyed.

Its speed is comparable to that of the Balloon while its HP is similar to that of the Ice Wizard. This means that it can take a pounding but can still arrive at its target destination with enough time to maximize its splash damage.

Once the barrel is destroyed, the Skeletons then would act like the regular Skeleton Army or Goblin Barrel and attack any troop in sight.

On Offense

The Skeleton Barrel can be used as a utility support just like the Goblin Barrel. However, one of its primary functions is to distract defensive structures, such as the Inferno Tower.

While going up against an Inferno Tower would likely disable the barrel part of this card fairly quick, the Skeletons will take over quickly and attack the defensive structure, further distracting the Inferno Tower. And for a card that costs three Elixir against the Inferno Tower that costs five Elixir, the Skeleton Barrel wins any Elixir trade against the Inferno Tower.

The newest Common Card also can be used in Zap-Bait and Arrow-Bait decks. It adds another pesky distraction against the opponent’s Towers that would allow other low Elixir cards to wreak havoc into the field. It can also be used as support for just about any decks including Hog Cycle decks, LavaLoon decks, and Giant-Loon decks.

The Skeleton Barrel can also be used as the primary offensive option. Once the opponents’ troops and towers are preoccupied with the attacker's troops, it can be deployed and head straight for the tower.

On Defense

While the newest Common Card could potentially change how players approach the offensive side of “Clash Royale,” it can add another layer of defense. Especially against decks that utilizes air troops, the Skeleton Barrel is a better distraction alternative than the Baby Dragon and the Minions since it is tougher than most of the 3-Elixir Common Cards. The fact that it spawns the Skeletons to distract the attacking ground troops, the card has a huge potential to change how deployment tactics and attacking strategies are being used.

When will the Skeleton Barrel go live?

The Skeleton Barrel is likely to roll out together with the supposed massive October 2017 Update for “Clash Royale.” While it is unclear with regards to when the update will go live, the “Clash Royale” team has been fairly consistent with regards to releasing a new card at an interval of two to three weeks. And given that the Update is happening in October, the players could expect the Skeleton Barrel to roll out no later than the second week of October.