2014's "Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor" was a huge success. Critics lauded the mix of parkour, stealth, combat, and unique gameplay mechanics which involved possessing a legion of Orcs with their own distinct personalities and weaknesses. Developer Monolith also received praise for its attention to detail in faithfully capturing the world and characters of "The Lord of the Rings" mythology. "Middle Earth: Shadow of War," the sequel to "Mordor," has recently been announced via a press release and trailer.

'Shadow of Mordor'

"Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor" centers around a ranger named Talion, who is brought back to life after he, his wife, and son are slain by an army of Uruks known as The Black Hand.

Celebrimbor, the man who helped create the Rings of Power, assists Talion in his quest to avenge his family and confront The Black Hand. One of the core features of "Shadow of Mordor" is the nemesis system. The Uruks serving Sauron have a hierarchy system where those who kill Talion end up getting promoted and defeating leaders causes lower Uruks to rise up. Each soldier has distinct strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited such as "humilator" or "vulnerable to stealth finishers." Players can also take control of a particular Uruk and have them rise up the ranks and gather a force to help Talion.

Another aspect of "Mordor" is the game's presentation. Developer Monolith consulted Warner Bros and Peter Jackson to faithfully recreate the world of Middle Earth and enlisted film composer Garry Schyman to produce a fully orchestral score.

'Shadow of War'

"Shadow of War" will be once again be helmed by Monolith. The story sees the return of Talion and Celebrimbor from the first game and revolves around a new Ring of Power. Fan favorites such as the Nazgul will make an appearance. The sequel will also greatly expand on the aforementioned nemesis system from "Shadow of Mordor." According to a press release from Warner Bros, followers will "bring about entirely new stories of loyalty, betrayal and revenge." "Middle Earth: Shadow of War" is slated for release this August.