Popular video game company Atlus has filed a complaint against the creators of a PlayStation 3 Emulator. They were advertising and running Atlus’ video game “Persona 5” on PC through their emulator. The software made it possible to run the game on PC, which was not officially possible.

Atlus files complaint against emulator creators

The game company has recently filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown complaint against the creators of the PS3 emulator RPCS3. These guys became popular after they revealed their emulator could run “Persona 5” on PC.

The game company could not tolerate this because it was not available for PC officially.

The current DMCA claim was pointed at the creators’ Patreon site. This project included their regular updates of the emulator and the current status of the video game running on their emulator. This was an open source PS3 emulator that could play different types of games including the one from Atlus.

The game company “politely” complained of the existence of the PS3 emulator even though they like the awareness of the community for their game. They explained that they do not want their content to be distributed illegally and for free. They believe that the possibility of a PC port of the game is now gone due to the emulator’s existence, and they also do not think it could deliver great quality for PC gamers.

There are many emulators out there that try to avoid the attention from popular game companies. When it comes to strict policies to protect intellectual properties, Atlus is one of the strict game companies to implement it. They were popular recently for making a policy against streamers playing their recent video game if they streamed too much of their gameplay.

Action from the creators

With the DMCA claim, the emulator creators have taken action to please the game developers. The emulator and the Patreon page are still live, but they have now removed all references to the video game from the website and Patreon. They also revealed that they did this with the help from the Patreon staff.

Valve removes spammy games from Steam

In other related news, Steam has removed 173 cloned video games from the Steam store. These spam games were actually created by one person, which was Silicon Echo. He released games that were nearly identical to each other and abused the Steam keys.

The game company took action right away and removed the spam games before they could do any more damage. They have also ended their business relationship with that individual.

Check out the "Persona 5" E3 2016 Trailer here: