There were no shortage of issues reported by PC owners after the launch of Microsoft's "Creators Update" for Windows 10. Despite being released last April, reports of problems were left unanswered by the massive multimedia company, as Microsoft had yet to even acknowledge that there might be an issue with the latest version.

This finally changed, as an engineer who works for Microsoft wrote on the Feedback Hub app in response to the received complaints. In this post, it was confirmed that the company is "analyzing the traces" from the feedback supplied by their users and they have managed to identify "several different problem sources surfacing as stutter in games."

Fall Creators Update

October sees the release of the next major update for Windows 10, titled the "Fall Creators Update".

From what we know so far, it further enhances the freedom provided to those more creative users, with a feature known as "Windows Story Remix."

The point of this app is to allow creators to easily collect photos and videos into one cohesive and cinematic file. It sounds like a bare-bones editor, but more information should be available within the upcoming weeks.

More intriguingly, Microsft is changing the way people interact with apps, by implementing an interface called "Fluent Design System." Its main focus is to enhance cross-device usage, so Windows 10 owners can interact with their apps using a variety of different methods.

It has yet to be mentioned whether any fixes for the gaming or performance issues will be included with this new update, or if Microsoft plans to distribute them separately.

Considering how long players have been complaining, we hope it is handled as soon as possible.

Some of the issues

There are dozens of pages online dedicated to problems caused by Windows 10's "Creators Update," so we are not going to go through all of them. In terms of gaming, some common complaints include a decrease in FPS after installing it and not being able to live stream while playing.

The frustration caused by these shortcomings are amplified by the fact that the "Creators Update" included a game mode. It was meant to enhance the gaming experience, even if that was not its primary reason for existence. We understand how complicated these processes are, and we are not going to pretend to understand the intricate details that go into coding something like Windows 10, but Microsoft should have at-least said something before now.