Blizzard is continuously releasing updates, fixes, and content to its popular first person shooter game “Overwatch.” Interestingly, there is a new claim about the bug encountered mostly by players using Widowmaker and McCree in the game. The bug, according to this claim, has been existent since the game was officially launched. It is worth noting that, while the game developer has been rolling out updates and resolving issues, this bug is still experienced by players.

Doubleshot bug

On Reddit, a user named brokenstyli shared that there's a bug in “Overwatch” that has existed since the game’s Beta.

This bug, according to the Redditor, is called doubleshot. According to brokenstyli, the player will know if it was hit by the bug if a couple of bullet trails appear from a fired shot. These shots can be seen from where the player is aiming and just above the first trail. The Redditor has also disclosed that it has been uploading videos since January 2017 about this bug. The videos include D.Va, Widowmaker, and Zenyatta.

Bullet trails

The Redditor further revealed that the bullet trails affects only the game’s hitscan heroes. Interestingly, the bullet at the lower portion shown in the trail is not actually a bullet and it deals no damage to the opponent. The bullet that can be seen above the trail where the player aims is the only shot recognized by the server.

If one checks Play of the Game or highlight replays, these two bullet trails cannot be seen.

In addition, brokenstyli disclosed that most often the bullet trails surface when there is instability in the network. Unfortunately, players who enjoy the game on a wireless connection will experience this most of the time. This issue is something that Blizzard needs to address soon.

If this has been experienced since the game was officially launched, what could be the reason why it was not addressed by the game developer?

'Wasted Land'

Meanwhile, Blizzard recently released a new Comic titled “Wasted Land.” It features Roadhog and his hometown, Junkertown. The new Comic is written by Robert Brooks while art and colors are made by Miki Montllo.

The Comic reveals Roadhog considering wiping the entire city off the map. This is the 14th comic released in the entire series. It also traces the friendship of the two Australian characters in the game—Junkrat and Roadhog.

Junkertown is the new map in the game. It was announced in August and is currently in the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm.