Overwatch” has gotten plenty of bugs throughout the past year after every new patch. These issues can really take away the fun from the game, but Blizzard has always done their best to patch things up. However, there is a new Major Bug that messes with the competitive scene in the game. Because of its severity, Blizzard has finally addressed it.

Seasonal bans

According to PC Gamer, “Overwatch” is currently suffering from a rare yet major bug that gives players seasonal bans in the competitive mode for no reason. Moreover, it also drastically reduces the player’s skill rating.

This issue supposedly happens when an unlucky player leaves a competitive match during a certain point in the loading screen. This prompts the game to enter a “waiting for players” state which will automatically fail before looping back.

Redditor Chromega1231 has been going through a lot of data and discovered that the bug has been active since early September, with many other players reporting the problem in the past. Luckily, game director Jeff Kaplan has recently addressed the issue and claimed that Blizzard is already looking into it. “This bug is a high priority for our team, and we’re working on a fix to prevent further instances of it occurring as we speak,” he wrote on the Battle.net forums.

Seasonal bans usually only occur if you continue leaving competitive matches mid-game. It acts as a penalty system to ensure that “Overwatch” fans finish their matches. That said, you can imagine the community’s surprise after discovering that such a heavy penalty was part of a bug.

Latest update

In other news, “Overwatch” has gotten yet another update that adjusts some minor things in the game.

Firstly, ultimate charges completely drain after using the ability. Characters like Genji or Mei, who use their ultimate skill and die mid-animation, no longer retain any ultimate charge after reviving in spawn. This change forces players to think about when to use their skills and play a bit more strategically.

That aside, Blizzard has also added another option for D.Va’s boosters.

The previous updates removed four maps from the Deathmatch mode, changing its rotation. Moreover, the highly-anticipated Junkertown was finally patched into the live server, along with the Mercy and D.Va changes. Both heroes have recently undergone a rework that changed their play styles. Those who want to play “Overwatch” can get a copy for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.