Halloween is right around the corner and Capcom is celebrating the festive global occasion with the release of a Halloween DLC for Street Fighter 5.” These holiday-themed items arrive along with other exciting additions in a huge update that is now live for download on PS4 and PC.

On Tuesday, Capcom brought the Halloween fun early to the avid fans of the popular fighting title. The latest costumes DLC allows Players to transform five of the prominent characters into their spooky new outfits in "Street Fighter 5."

Halloween DLC

This limited selection of Halloween-inspired costumes is now up for sale beginning September 26.

Players can turn Dhalsim, M. Bison, Urien, Birdie, and FANG into a demon, mummy, or other scary monsters. The Halloween DLC is available now for purchase at $3.99 or €3.99 on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Another piece of good news is that last year's Halloween costumes are back and so, fans who missed it now get a chance to buy them again this year. Capcom is offering the 2016 Halloween skins bundle plus the Spooky Arena stage.

Additional costumes DLC

Apart from the Halloween-themed clothing, a range of school-inspired skins in time for fall and back-to-school season are available as well. These new sets of school clothing are specific for Cammy, Ed, and the newest fighter, Menat.

Cammy gets two pairs: her Doll costume is reminiscent of the time when she was M.

Bison’s bodyguard while the Nostalgia Costume is her alternate outfit picked from the previous SF title.

On the other hand, Chun-Li receives three new skins. These are an undercover outfit, a beach attire, and sleepwear.

'English Manor' stage

Moreover, the latest update introduces players to a new stage called “English Manor.” According to Gamespot, Capcom says this new stage is a castle that "overlooks a sweeping landscape with the Northern Lights hovering up above."

Apparently, gamers need to shell out $4 USD or 70,000 in-game Fight Money to get it.

Big content update

The latest content update is now live for download and it’s a big one. It consists of a 10.573 GB file packed with all of the new costumes for the game characters in the roster. It also brings a new stage, which is the remake of Cammy’s classic SF 2 stage and new background music packs.

Developed by Dimps and Capcom, this is the sixth main numbered title in the franchise. The fighting video game was released in February 2016 on PS4 console and Windows PC.