Released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 on August 8, "Lawbreakers" is a team-based first-person shooter with a focus on multiplayer. There is no single player, with online play being the only thing offered. Although it has only been available for a short period, the FPS has struggled to attract an audience, which might explain why Boss Key Productions and Nexon announced a free-to-play weekend for Steam users.


"LawBreakers" was originally expected to be a free-to-play title, before Boss Key Productions decided to adopt a pay-to-play format.

The full release earned a positive reception, currently sitting with an aggregate score in the mid-70s on Metacritic.

Unfortunately, it entered a genre which does not lack for options. Although it is not a hero shooter like "Overwatch" or "Battleborn," "LawBreakers" is still competing for the same audience. Considering that "Battlefield 1," "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare," and "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" are also fighting over the same player base, any new shooter would need to demonstrate something special to capture anyone's attention.

It is understandable that players would be apprehensive of purchasing an unproven IP, as there is no guarantee it will attract a big enough crowd. Checking the top games on Steam ranked by current player count, "LawBreakers" fails to crack the top 100.

As the lowest entry, "Medieval II: Total War," only has around 2,500 current players, this is not a great sign.

Does it deserve better?

Honestly, yes. Boss Key Productions successfully implemented their own style into their FPS, creating an experience which is really like no other on the marketplace. While it never strays too far from the status quo, the smaller maps and quick gameplay make for a thrilling and addictive experience.

There is not a whole lot of modes available, with only quick match included for online, but this shortcoming is reflected in the cheaper price.

It is not a perfect game and a few things do need to be improved, like the way players can leave a game without any repercussions, but there is a solid foundation here for a great massive multiplayer first-person shooter.

This weekend is the best time to try it, as the free-to-play period is likely to improve the player count greatly. Even if you decide it is not for you, three days are more than enough time to try out a few classes and see what "LawBreakers" offers.