An interesting progress is observed recently in Raid Battles of “Pokemon Go.” Players noticed that the eggs are back in the raid along with the countdown timer. In July 2017 during the Chicago Fest, Niantic Labs removed the hatchable eggs along with countdown timers in the game. Instead, pocket monsters are made to spawn instantly every couple of hours.

Players, for the first time, are now seeing the Legendary Egg in action. The latest change implemented by the developer to the popular augmented reality game has earned mixed reactions from players.

Some are complaining about the removal of the two-hour window to battle with the raid bosses. Several others are pleased that the eggs are finally making a comeback.

Legendary Raid Egg

In “Pokemon Go,” a Raid Egg appears before the start of a Raid Battle. The eggs indicate what type of raid boss will hatch. There are three tiers of eggs: Normal, Rare, and Legendary. In the game, the eggs have random outcomes and until now, players have not yet discovered if the content of the egg can be known before it hatches.

Earlier today, a Legendary Raid Egg was spotted in the Gym at the Bay Bridge in San Francisco. The egg is equipped with a countdown timer, which indicates the time the egg will hatch. It seems that the developer is currently testing several functionalities of the egg.

Although this hasn't been confirmed yet, several fans are speculating that the same place where the Legendary Egg is seen is the testing site for the EX Raid Battles. This could be possible given that the game developer is based in San Francisco. The egg apparently contains Raikou, one of the traveling Legendary Beasts introduced recently in the game.

Talks about the Legendary Eggs in the game have been incessant. Several data mining activities in the past uncovered its presence in the game's code. This is the first instance that the Legendary Egg has surfaced.

As to when they will be made available in the popular augmented reality game is still unknown.

EX Raid Battles

Meanwhile, several players have revealed having received invitations to participate in the ongoing test of the EX Raid Battle in “Pokemon Go.” It is not clear at this point how Niantic Labs is choosing the players who will receive the Exclusive Raid Passes. Players who have received the Passes claim that they have gotten the invitation from the Gym, which they have recently completed a Raid. The EX Raid testing is being launched so the developer could get feedback from players and roll out the necessary improvements needed.