Game company Guerilla Games recently revealed a new Patch for popular video gameHorizon Zero Dawn.” Unfortunately, it added a new issue despite fixing several flaws of the previous version.

New patch causes one problem

The game developers released patch 1.33 for the video game in order to fix several problems, but instead, it created one more problem. According to the Reddit post, it involved the game crashing when players were trying to load a save. This save was in a certain scenario where they have opened a treasure box in their inventory with a modification and other items.

Several posters complained about the new bug and immediately notified the game developers of their plight. Fortunately, they already knew of the issue and they will be releasing a fix right away in the next patch.

Details on new patch

The latest patch for “Horizon Zero Dawn” has a size of 309. 6 MB. The current one actually fixed several bugs that plagued the previous patch. They were the ones that introduced the New Game+ and the Ultra hard difficulty option features.

The new patch added a new feature that allowed players to make a manual save from a previous Game. If they started a New Game, they will not lose any progress with this new feature.

The new patch also fixed several issues in the game.

It fixed one where there are some players would use Tearblast Arrows and it would deal a wrong extra Tear damage on Ultra Hard difficulty. A glitch that allowed players to reroll Special Modification Boxes by saving and reloading were also removed with this new fix.

The new patch also fixed one problem in “The Womb of the Mountain” quest in the main story.

Other players found out that they were able to kill the Corruptor outside of the gate. This bugged the progression of the game and it disabled players to interact with it to continue the quest.

‘Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen’ video reveals PS4 prowess

In other PS4 related news, game company Capcom released a new video detailing “Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen’s” PlayStation 4 graphics.

It was compared to its PlayStation 3 version and it had a small improvement. It made the successor a bit shinier and had better 3D models.

The game company also released several trailers before this latest one. It showcased archer-based vocations, fighter-based vocations, and the mage-based versions. They also released the exclusive dynamic theme for the PS4.

Check out the "Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen" Comparison Video #3 below: