Horizon Zero Dawn is set to receive its first ever DLC titled The Frozen Wilds soon but if the latest hint dropped is any indication, the popular PS4 exclusive title will be getting additional expansion in the near future.

The Amsterdam-based studio that is behind the massive and surprising success of the action-RPG has hinted that there could more DLC planned after the release of The Frozen Wilds in late 2017. This latest chatter online came out from a recent job listing posted on its official website.

DLC 2 on the cards

It appears that the developer is recently looking for a new World Designer to handle its future projects.

The candidate must have the experience in combat encounter and mission creation in an open-world setting.

The job listing further stated that the new World Designer will join a small-sized team who will work on a radical and fresh gameplay focusing on story and characters. So, this piece of information could indicate that a DLC 2 or even more is on Guerilla Games' cards.

The Frozen Wilds location

Game analysts at Games Radar suppose that the new location to be featured in the first DLC will be inspired by the Yellowstone National Park. This speculated in-game location is called Ban-Ur -, a native land of the Banuk found on the north side of the Sacred Lands and the Sundom.

However, this is not the first for fans to hear about Ban-Ur since the main game has alluded this place for a number of times.

Fans can also see the game’s artwork reflect the national park’s wildlife feature and the largest geothermal hot spring in the US, the Grand Prismatic Spring.

What has been confirmed is that the DLC will feature an all new robot that the fans have not seen before. It looks to have broad shoulders, a short body with heavy belly and has a smaller head, suggesting that it could be a bear since Yellowstone is full of plenty of them.

But another speculation indicates that it could be a gigantic mechanized gorilla with its heavy belly hanging right below the shoulders and spotted to have fingers instead of claws.

Big winner at Develop Awards

Guerilla Games was a big winner at Develop Awards last night in Brighton. The studio received the Studio of the Year including Animation award for HZD.

"Total War" franchise developer Creative Assembly also got accolades for Music Design and In-House Studio while Playtonic Games was given the New Studio gong.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" was released as a PS4 exclusive action role-playing game in late February 2017 in the US and early March in Europe. Players will get the first DLC called The Frozen Wilds later this year.