A few days ago, the highly anticipated September Update of “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds” went live on the game servers. The patch rolled out new additions to the widely played battle royale title. This includes a new weapon called the Mini-14. The patch also implemented much-needed improvements to the gameplay and UI.

The recent update also rolled out a new map. It has a brand new set of buildings that players can now loot. Several players also discovered changes in Stalber after the September Update went live.

New map and other changes

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds” has a new map that can be found at the Northeast corner of the base map.

The previously empty spot in a coastal settlement is now filled with buildings. The new map is called Kameshki, which is the highlight of the patch. Several players commented that the new location lack car spawns.

This means that in order to reach the next circle, the player has to run for a while. Like other coastal cities, players can land proximate to the car spawn at the start and drive. The new spot is near Stalber, which also received several improvements with the latest patch. Some players noticed that Stalber has seen several upgrades. In addition, there were few more buildings added to the spot. According to some players’ observation, it appears that Stalber is now a nice spot, which is worth looting.

New weapon

Apart from the new map and an upgrade to Stalber, Bluehole also introduced a new weapon that players can enjoy. The game developer added the Mini-14, which is a lightweight semi-automatic marksman rifle. Unlike other DMR’s, it is intended to have lower damage stats.

The Mini-14 has a very high muzzle velocity and very low bullet drop.

In addition to the Mini-14, the September Update made several changes to other weapons. This includes the Tommy Gun, which is now available as a world spawn weapon. The Crossbow has a massive reload speed buff to 35 percent. This means that players can now miss long-range shots even faster.

AFK farming

Bluehole will also address the issue of AFK farming in its next update. In its most recent patch notes, the game developer revealed that there will be a new rule that will be implemented to resolve the issue. With the new rule, AFK “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds” players will no longer be qualified to earn Battle Points. This BP is the in-game currency that can be used to open loot crates, which could contain expensive gears that could be traded for real-world money.