Game company Square Enix has officially revealed that the classic video game “Final Fantasy Ix” is now available on the Playstation Store. It also comes with a new trailer and other exclusive PlayStation 4 features.

Popular old classic coming to newest Sony console

Fans waited for a long time for this specific video game to come to the newest consoles and now it has become a reality. It was recently revealed at the Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 PlayStation press conference that it is now available for the PS4.

Freebies coming with game purchase

The game company also revealed that the video game will come with an exclusive PS4 theme. It shows favorite game character and black mage Vivi Ornitier, Dragoon Knight Freya Crescent, and runaway Burmecia prince Puck. It also comes with its memorable theme music from the game.

The video game package also comes with eight character avatars. These avatars are all major characters from “Final Fantasy IX.”

Currently, the video game can be purchased at a special promotional price of $16.79 at the US PlayStation Store. This special 20 percent off discount will only be up to Sept. 26. It is also available on PC through Steam, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, iOS, and Android.

New features coming in

Square Enix also revealed that the video game will come with new features for the PS4. The first feature is its high-definition movies and the character models look better. It will also have an auto-save feature that can help players reloading difficult battles.

Players can also choose different optional boosters for the video game.

These boosters include the high-speed mode and no encounter mode, maximize character levels, gil, magic stone counts, Master All Abilities, and more.

The PS4 version of the video game will also support the PS4 trophy system. It will also have the share functionality and remote play with the PS Vita.

Background story of the game

Final Fantasy IX” is the story of Zidane Tribal and his troupe visiting a kingdom for a mission, which was to kidnap the princess. The princess joins his party and travel all over the world of Gaia. They meet with different individuals and befriend them along the way.

The group also discovered the true and deeper meaning of the tragic events in the Mist Continent. Zidane and his group try to stop the great evil plot of Kuja, and save the world of Gaia.

Check out the “Final Fantasy IX” Launch Trailer for the PS4 below: