“The Frozen Wilds” DLC is set to bring the fans of “Horizon Zero Dawn” into a cold and odd territory. It was first shown at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). While it definitely looks exciting, players barely know anything significant about the forthcoming content.

According to GamesRadar, there are various hints that can be obtained from the trailer of the new “Horizon Zero Dawn” content. These all point to new maps, new settlements and new weapons. However, there are actually more to these than what the developers showed.

The Yellowstone National Park

As seen on the trailer, Aloy is reminded that trespassing on a new territory is not always welcomed. The video showcases the Banuk people, a new community that the game’s main protagonist has to build a relationship with. Interestingly, this hints to a journey to the Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Prismatic Spring. The existence of these places is even backed by the multi-colored hot spring in the content’s promotional artwork.

For the Banuk, though, these sites represent more than the beauty of aesthetics in “Horizon Zero Dawn.” To them, it is called Ban-Ur, which translates to billows of steam that erupt from Earth’s core. This is why hot springs can be seen on the DLC.

This is definitely an interesting location for players to explore.

A beast is lurking

Of course, in every DLC, there is definitely a huge surprise. This is also true with “The Frozen Wilds” in “Horizon Zero Dawn.” There seems to be a gigantic robot that Aloy must face. Although nothing specific, it can be seen in the content’s trailer where three dudes were overrun by something huge.

It presents itself with broad shoulders, a belly that is bulked and a relatively small head. Enthusiasts believe this to be a gorilla of sort wrapped in a mechanical technology: a robot, that is.

In the trailer for the upcoming DLC, the beast can be seen pushing off its legs. He goes after the three guys like how a gorilla does it.

Interestingly, there is a pinch of blue right on its back. Fans speculate that this gives the beasts a skill to control the element of ice. Whatever it is, it is definitely going to put up a fight. Meanwhile, Aloy can also be seen wearing a Shieldweaver armor that simply implies a new game mode. This could simply be an endgame feature in an endgame content. Well, it definitely looks interesting. The upcoming content is expected to arrive later this year.