Overwatch” healers are the life blood of the game as they are responsible for keeping their team alive during major fights. A good Support main can carry their team to a victory with their proper game sense and provide enough heals. While there are four healers in the game, “Overwatch” hero Ana has been a popular pick in the meta for some time now. This healing sniper is possibly the most diverse healer among the current four as she can assist the team through methods other than healing. With that being said, here’s why you should play Ana.

Her Biotic Grenade

While Ana mainly heals by shooting her allies, she also has a skill called Biotic Grenade wherein she lobs a projectile that explodes in a small radius. All allies caught in the blast will have their health restored while getting 50 percent more healing for a few seconds. Enemies, on the other hand, will get damaged from her grenade and will suffer from anti-healing for a short period. Her grenade is the most versatile tool in her kit that can help win fights depending on its usage. If there’s a major team fight going on at the point, Ana can lob her projectile which places the enemies at a disadvantage.

Sleeping enemies

Another unique ability Ana has is her Sleep Dart. Upon using it, she fires a small gun from the hip which will put foes to sleep for a few seconds or until they get hit by an attack.

Landing a sleep dart is pretty difficult as it’s a projectile shot, meaning there will be a small lag between the time the gun was fired and when it hits the target. However, if you can land your darts, you can keep enemies away from foes or even shut down ultimate abilities. This ability is especially useful against ultimates like Deadeye, Rocket Barrage, and Dragonblade.

Good fighter

While Ana isn’t as powerful as the other heroes in the game, she can still put up a pretty good fight. If a flanker corners her, she can try to shoot them and chip away their health. When Ana’s HP dips to critical, she can lob a Biotic Grenade at the ground and heal herself why damaging and anti-healing the enemy.

Granted, she can also avoid confrontations with her Sleep Dart, but only if she manages to land a hit.

Plenty of “Overwatch” players prefer Ana over the other Support characters, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Since the first-person shooter is a team game, most people would want characters who can contribute the most to the team. Ana’s kit allows her to debuff the enemies while allowing for some extra heals.