Overwatch” is filled with a unique set of characters that each have their own play style. There are plenty of DPS characters that can suit your play style if you aren’t comfortable using the typical run-and-gun techniques. While Offense heroes are your “go to” damage dealers, Defense characters are also capable fighters. Instead of taking down enemies, they focus on defending points and objectives with their special abilities. There are a total of five playable Defense heroes that range from Snipers to area deniers. Here are my Top three best “Overwatch” characters under the defense category.


Following his recent buff, Junkrat has become quite a popular pick among the roster. This hero doesn’t rely on aiming as his bullets (or bombs) can bounce and ricochet across walls. He can also lay down traps and catch unsuspecting foes by surprise. This ability is especially effective against speedy “Overwatch” flankers like Tracer or Genji who love moving around the field. Moreover, Junkrat now has two charges to his Concussion Mine which is effective for both initiating and disengaging from a fight. Having two charges also means he can double jump, which can push him to some good directions on the map. Finally, his RIP tire can clear out a group of enemies on a point if they’re grouped up together.


This climatologist is a close-ranged fighter who focuses on slowing down her target before pelting them with an icicle. Mei’s skills mainly rely on area denial as she can build a wall of ice to block certain routes or doors. “Overwatch” hero Mei also acts as an off tank with her fairly large HP and regeneration skill as she'll remain invincible while holed up inside a block of ice.

Her ultimate ability is great for stopping enemies as she can mass freeze a large field. Once they’re frozen, it’s up to Mei and her team to clear them out.


While many consider Widowmaker to be a “troll pick,” she’s actually a really effective character that can pick off enemies. Her kit revolves around her grappling hook and venom mine that act like more passive abilities.

Her main role is a sniper, meaning most of her damage output comes from pure skill. A good Widowmaker can easily take down squishy characters like Mercy, Zenyatta, Soldier: 76, or even a Reaper with a clean headshot. She can also soften up tanks which makes it easier for her team to finish them off. Granted, you need to have great aim if you plan on using “Overwatch” hero Widowmaker.