The introduction of Mewtwo to the world and the success of the EX Raid feature are closely connected in “Pokémon GO.” Hence, Niantic is taking it slow and not rushing Mewtwo’s introduction. It was first made available to those at the Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama, Japan. Now, it is available to a select few trainers who Niantic has picked for testing the EX Raid feature.

Mewtwo Raids are happening everywhere

Reports of more and more Mewtwo Raids are pouring in. Raids have been conducted in several parts of Japan. In the US, New York, Bellevue, Washington, and San Francisco all reported numerous raids during the weekend.

Niantic has decided to first test the feature before releasing it to the general public.

According to Forbes, most of the Gyms that have appeared to trainers so far have been mostly located in parks or areas that can accommodate a number of people. This is partly right as normal Legendary Raids have sometimes led to utter chaos. This could mean that choosing raid locations is not only the work of game algorithms but involves human intervention.

Niantic trusting top-level trainers more

Until now, most of the reports have stated that the Raids have largely been a success. Currently, it is not clear what the selection process is, though it seems that Niantic is more inclined towards more experienced players.

The initial Raids were first handed out to high-level trainers.

Coming to “Pokémon GO” Legendaries, it will be interesting to see how well things go once it is live. Top players are naturally upbeat about this, though things can get serious if the EX Raids are not able to draw sufficient crowds once most have collected Mewtwos.

The game is in a very tricky state at this moment.

Mewtwo and global special events

Niantic is in the process of releasing a large number of Legendaries. First, there were the Legendary Birds, now the Legendary beasts, and finally the one that will rule them all – Mewtwo. Trainers are already complaining about the lack of global special events, the last being Fire and Ice in June.

Trainers were treated to special spawns of Ice and Fire-type Pokémon and also boosted spawns.

Most of the events since then have been specific to Japan and Europe as part of special celebrations. US players have nothing to do with them. The existence of Legendaries is not enough to keep players excited. What if a player catches the Raid boss Raikou? What next? He can of course catch more, but he can’t do much with that.