Overwatch” hero Winston has become a popular tank hero in the game following his recent buffs a few months back. Despite being one of the most least-picked heroes in the past, his shield buff has made him much more powerful, making him a staple pick in the dive meta. That said, Winston has a lot of good defensive options and is one of the most mobile tank heroes in the game. Here’s why you should pick Winston if you plan on playing an “Overwatch” tank hero.

Amazing mobility

The tank heroes are infamous for being the slowest characters in “Overwatch.” While they provide barriers and shields, they have very little escape options.

Winston, on the other hand, has his jump pack skill that launches him in the air. He can use this skill both offensively and defensively, either as a way to dive into enemy territory or a method of escape. His jump packs make it easy to move around the field and harass support heroes like Mercy or Lucio.

Solid protection

Winston also has his own way of protecting allies with his barrier projector skill. When using it, he drops a small gadget that forms a bubble-shaped field around the area, blocking any incoming attacks. However, enemies can still step inside the barrier and attack from there. The barrier projector is best partnered with the jump pack, allowing Winston to dive behind enemy lines and protect himself as he distracts enemies.

A second chance

Winston’s ultimate ability, Primal Rage, refills his HP and transforms him into a bestial juggernaut. During his transformation, he becomes much larger and is only limited to physical attacks. His blows can blast enemies away, making him the perfect distraction against the enemy team. He can soak in plenty of bullets while pushing the opponents away from the payload or control points.

It’s best to use Primal Rage if you’re on the brink of death as you’ll regain all your lost HP and catch enemies off guard.

No aiming required

The “Overwatch” tank hero uses the Tesla cannon which doesn’t require players to aim. It’s a less powerful version of Symmetra’s beam, but it deals continuous damage to any enemies in front of him.

This weapon is great against speedy heroes like Tracer or Genji and cannot be blocked by barriers or the deflect skill. Although, the Tesla cannon has an extremely low damage output and shouldn’t be used against Tank heroes unless they have low health. Similarly, his weapon is perfect against Symmetra’s turrets since he can destroy them all in one blow.