Bungie recently confirmed some disappointing news about “Destiny 2.” Before the game was officially launched on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, there were heavy speculations in the community about leveling up. The game developer has made it clear now that the players’ suspicions were accurate.

Several characters that belong to the same class are locked out of leveling too quickly. In the second game installment, every class is limited to just a week of rewards. The remaining rewards that can be collected by other characters will not be upgrades.

Same class leveling

For “Destiny 2” players who are still confused, the rule is simple. This means that if the player has two characters that belong to the same class, and plays the other character to achieve all of the milestones, the player will get powerful rewards than continuously improve every time the player earns it. However, if the player chooses to use the other character of the same class, there will be no level increase in the power or tier level.

For instance, if the player has a couple of hunters as characters in the game and one hunter has completed all of their milestones the powerful rewards will be an improvement of a higher power level. However, should the player switch to the second hunter to complete the milestones, powerful rewards will no longer be improvements.

Different classes

Community manager Cozmo revealed that the weekly lockout was made to avoid players making three characters of the same class level up fast. The lockout of powerful rewards preventing the characters of the same class from earning three sets of higher level gear does not apply to characters of different classes.

This means a player with a titan, warlock, and hunter is getting incentives do perform all the milestones.

While in the first game installment having three characters of the same class is advantageous, it is no longer the case in the second installment. Bungie has improved the game’s rewards system, and one of this involves characters that belong to the same class.

The move from Bungie does not mean that it brings no advantage at all. Drops from raids, loots from Trials of the Nine, and rewards from nightfall are all resistant to the new rule. Rewards from these activities still drop regardless of the player’s class. The weapon quests in the game will still scale on all three characters no matter their classes.

Destiny 2” is playable now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game’s PC version is scheduled to release on October 24, 2017.