"Vampyr" is a highly anticipated action role-playing video game, which was slated for year-end release. According to the latest news bulletin from Dontnod Entertainment, developers of "Life Is Strange" and "Vampyr," their new title has been delayed until next year.

With no specific release date given, "Vampyr" should be available to purchase sometime in the first two-quarters of 2018.


Jonathan Reid is a doctor who ended up on the wrong side of a bite, turning into a vampire. Due to his Hippocratic Oath, the doctor finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Can he stick to his morals even if it means starving to death? From what has been shown, players are given the freedom to decide how Jonathan progresses. If they want to feed to quench their thirst, that would be possible. On the other hand, there will be an option to not kill even one person until the end of the game. This could simply mean that Jonathan can attack people without drinking them dry.

Jonathan is also a war veteran, where he served as a high-ranking surgeon and introduced a few new methods of carrying out blood transfusion. This ethical dilemma between who he used to be and the monster he is slowly becoming seems to be the main tension of the story.


"Vampyr" mixes puzzles, dialogue options, and melee combat.

Jonathan levels up depending on the blood he drinks and the people he targets. Everyone in the game can be victimized, eventually unlocking new supernatural abilities. There are ranged and melee weapons to use and unlock, and other vampires will challenge Jonathan throughout the game. London serves as the setting and the open-world, with the player free to explore as they see fit.

From the information available, a big part of the experience is picking a target and then following them around to get used to their routine.

"Vampyr" is one of the most exciting open-world RPGs slated to be released in the next year. Although it is disappointing to hear about the delay, as the sooner it is in our hands, the better, Dontnod should take all the time needed to make sure it is up to scratch.

"Life is Strange" has one of the video game storylines of the last few years, so the developer knows what they are doing. Although the gameplay is set for a big change with "Vampyr," Dontnod do have a decent track record when it comes to action-oriented combat, due to their work on "Remember Me." The developer also announced a proper follow-up to "Life is Strange," with Season 2 set to be released in 2018.