Overwatch” hero Reaper is one of the eight Offense heroes in the game. He specializes in close-range combat and taking out large enemies, like Tanks. Compared to the other Offense heroes, Reaper’s play style is much simpler. His abilities are fairly straightforward and merely compliment his raw firepower. That said, here’s why you should play as Reaper if you’re planning to pick an Offense hero.

Powerful shots

Reaper’s primary weapons are his Hellfire Shotguns that deal massive damage at close range. He can easily destroy big enemies like Reinhardt, Orisa, or Winston if they’re within range.

He can defeat squishier heroes with1-2 shots, especially if he manages to land a headshot. You should try to chase after Tank heroes first before aiming for the smaller heroes. However, since Reaper uses a pair of shotguns, his attacks are significantly weaker at long range. That makes him susceptible to characters like Pharah or Widowmaker.


Aside from dealing powerful damage, Reaper can actually heal depending on his attacks. His passive skill, The Reaping, makes him absorb 20 percent of the damage he’s dealt, making him almost unkillable when fighting against Tank heroes. If there are no health packs nearby, try looking for an enemy to take down instead. That way, you can secure a kill while healing yourself.

Easy escape

“Overwatch’ hero Reaper’s first ability is his Wraith Form which acts as his escape ability. Upon using it, Reaper becomes a shadow for a few seconds, making him immune to all types of attacks. Moreover, he can even pass through enemies and still receive healing from his allies. If you’re anti-healed or discorded, you can also use this skill to remove any debuffs.

The only problem with Wraith Form is that enemies can still track you down as you’re escaping from the battle.

Silent Flanker

Reaper’s second ability is his Shadow Step which is extremely underutilized by most “Overwatch” players. This teleportation skill allows Reaper to move around the field and reach new locations. Shadow Step is a great way to reach an area undetected, especially if you’re planning to flank your enemies.

However, he’s wide open to any attacks while teleporting, so you have to choose a relatively hidden corner to hide in.

Death Blossom

Reaper’s ultimate ability, Death Blossom, deals massive damage to nearby enemies. This skill can instantly kill squishy heroes that are caught off guard. Despite its power, it’s really easy to dodge and Reaper’s wide open to any counterattack. Try using Shadow Step and teleport to a platform before dropping down and using Death Blossom, catching enemies off guard.