Recently, data miners were able to acquire information involving the Gen 3 creatures in “Pokemon GO.” Although players got excited, Niantic never acknowledged nor confirmed the discovery. Still, many were hopeful considering data miners have been accurate with their information.

Interestingly, in a report from Comic Book, the third generation of “Pokemon GO” monsters has been revealed. As expected, they all look cool and interesting. This time around, though, the grass types are the first to take the spotlight. Here is everything about them in a nutshell.

Gen 3 creatures are coming

Yes, that is right – Gen 3 Pokemon are coming to the hit mobile game. First on the list are the grass type creatures. These are Grovyle, Treecko, and Sceptile. They are basically the common ones and are not really known for their unique attacking abilities. Still, they are a worthy addition to the game’s Pokemon roster. Treecko, in particular, is the Grass-Type Starter of the Hoenn region. It resembles a bipedal gecko, only that it is thick and has a curvy tail. Next is Sceptile, which is considered the strongest starter in the upcoming generation. It even has a base stat stronger than the likes of Meganium and Venusaur.

Meanwhile, Govyle is a Starter creature in “Pokemon GO” known for its lethal attacks.

There is no doubt players will love to capture this Pokemon. Also included in the Gen 3 roster is Lotad, a creature that is somewhat similar to a duck or platypus. Interestingly, it has a lilypad on its back. Hence it is deemed a grass type creature in the said roster. It should be noted that Niantic has been working hand-in-hand with their developers in hopes to make the upcoming generation more compelling.

Mewtwo is coming?

Apart from the information acquired by data miners in “Pokemon GO,” they have also gathered details about Mewtwo. They suggest that this special beast will offer its own raid, which is called Exclusive Raid. This can be expected, though, as Mewtwo is deemed the strongest Legendary Pokemon in the lore. So, in one way or another, Niantic wants to introduce it in a very special way.

It remains a mystery, though, as to how exactly this kind of raid will go. There are some who suggest that special rewards will be offered. Moreover, the studio has yet to announce an official date for the Pokemon's release.

However, in a report from Otaku, Mewtwo might arrive within the very first weeks of September. This is something that players need to look forward to.