God Of War” principal character artist Rafael Grassetti recently revealed in an official podcast that the Midgard Serpent in the early trailers was really hard to develop. A lot of work was invested in the development of this character due to his complexity and massive size.

Another trailer was also revealed recently by Sony Interactive Entertainment and SCE Santa Monica Studios. It featured another monster from the upcoming video game, which was the Fire Troll with his totem weapon in tow.

Midgard Serpent was large and complex to develop

According to the principal artist of the video game, they knew right away that the Midgard Serpent Jormungandr was going to be included in it.

He explained in the podcast that he was a big character in Norse Mythology, and it would be wrong to dismiss him or just use him as a side character.

The complexity of his interactions with the protagonist Kratos and his massive size posed some problems to the development team. It pushed the technology to its limits because it would interact with the players in many different ways.

Grassetti also clarified in a recent tweet reply that Jormungandr is a male in this game, even after he addressed him as a “she” before. He addressed him as a female before because of its early designs that looked like it had feminine details.

Chatting with the serpent was also hard to develop

Another feature of the Midgard Serpent in “God of War” that posed a problem for the development team was his dialogue. They used the mechanics of the hydra from the previous game titles of the franchise as the basis.

This became their inspiration to create the Midgard Serpent for the upcoming video game because they wanted to do something different.

Brokkr and Sindri comedic duo

The latest trailer also introduced two new characters in the game, which are the dwarfs called Brokkr and Sindri. These are the shopkeepers in it, and they will be interacting with main protagonist Kratos in certain areas.

They will also be the comedic duo factor to counter all of the seriousness in it.

Fire Troll details revealed

In other “God of War” related news, Sony also revealed another new trailer that showcased one of the monsters featured in the past trailers. This monster is called the fire troll, which wielded a giant totem weapon. The trailer does not show gameplay, but it does reveal tons of artwork related to the giant monster and its different designs from start to finish.

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