Super Mario Runis one of the most popular games of all time. The game creators have been teasing the next big update for weeks. After making the fans wait for what may seem like forever, they have finally released the update. Individuals can download and install the latest version of iOS and Android platforms from their respective Play Stores. The latest version consists of all the major changes that the game developers have implemented. The company is even offering discounts on numerous products. Individuals are advised to note that this offer is only available until October 12.

The latest “Super Mario Run,” variant comes along with many new and exciting changes.

Niantic launched “Super Mario Run” for official use towards the end of 2016. There hasn’t, however, been any significant upgrade since then. The game has experienced its own share of ups and downs. Initially, the majority of the smartphone gamers were attracted towards the title. This was expected especially given the grand legacy that the game title carries. As months passed by and the game didn’t have anything new and special to offer, many started turning their heads away from it. It was almost as if “Super Mario Run,” mobile-game was merely a short-lived trend.

Remix 10 mode

According to a report by Tech Radar, the latest list of updates will end up bringing these users back.

The game developer took to their official Twitter account to make the announcement. They said on Twitter that after the update, gamers will be able to update Daisy to the newest “Remix 10” mode. There is a whole list of extra rewards and collectible items with short tasks that will keep the users busy. Newer challenges definitely make the game way more interesting.

World Star

The latest update of “Super Mario Run” also comes with a new world called World Star.” This world consists of nine never-before-seen levels. Gamers will be required to battle it out with newer enemies, each with mysterious skills. This world’s gameplay mechanics are unique. It will be an interesting journey for users to explore this field.

The gamers, however, are required to complete all the worlds (from one to six) before they can access “World Star.” The latest update also provides users with the ability to play their own music while they are gaming. The characters in the game will also be wearing a headphone if the gamers are wearing one, which is quite comical and fun.