Popular game publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and game developer SCE Santa Monica Studios have revealed a new trailer for their upcoming video gameGod Of War.” The new video also revealed more information about the Draugr and more.

The new trailer is a new episode of the companion podcast called The Lost Pages of Norse Myth. This was the second episode that talked about Norse mythology and its connection to the upcoming video game. It contained different concept artwork that portrayed certain game characters based on the mythology.

New information about Draugr

The new trailer showcased beautiful concept artwork that focused on the undead beings called the Draugr from Norse mythology. These monsters live in the burial grounds of the ancient Norse people. They also have great strength and powers that would become great hurdles for the protagonist Kratos.

During the podcast, principal artist Rafael Grassetti and principal animator Bruno Valazquez discussed the details of the different creatures in the upcoming video game. These creatures would include the dragons, Draugr, trolls, and ogres. They revealed that these creatures will be living in the game instead of the usual method of just appearing out of nowhere.

Origins of each creature in the game

God of War” will have a different set of monsters compared to the usual from the original series. Each of these creatures will have a basis in an existing myth from Norse mythology.

The development team members are also trying to come up with their own backstories for each monster. They want these backstories to be different from other existing interpretations, which will make them unique.

Each of the monsters will have some specific details that depended on the environment that they are located in. The creatures would have snow if they are in the area with lots of snow falling from the sky. They would be wet with water and mud if they were in an area with water and mud.

Small details were added to make the creatures look like they were living in the game’s world.

Historical marks like runes were added to make it look authentic. The two artists also discussed their character design and its evolution from the beginning of its concept phase until it was the finished product. They specifically described how they started the designs, which were just silhouettes of the characters. Afterwards, they just added more details to these silhouettes until it became complete.

New details on game design

The upcomingGod of War” will have no camera cuts. This meant that all of the details must be the same for all cutscenes and gameplay all throughout. The characters will look good from every angle of the camera, which is a big achievement for the studio.

Check out the "God of War" The Lost Pages of Norse Myth Episode 2 video here: