"Destiny 2's" ongoing Faction Rally has got players battling it out to collect tokens and complete the gear/weapons their chosen faction offers. The hype will be up once again as some of the fans have discovered some Upcoming weapons for the next Faction Rally event.

Keen-eyed redditors

Redditors are at it again as they recently posted over on "Destiny's" subreddit quite a number of unreleased weapons for the New Monarchy, Dead Orbit, and Future War Cult factions. According to the Redditor that goes by the moniker mds1990, this bad*ss hardware was discovered at the armory of the Destiny Tracker including a legendary sword from New Monarchy.

One fine blade

Known as the Honor's Edge, the neat-looking blade was unearthed alongside its weapon perks. These attributes include an Adaptive Frame that can be used to set up an uppercut attack. En Garde allows players to inflict additional damage whenever quick attacks are done, right after they switch to this weapon. Another perk is the Tempered Edge that endows the melee weapon with increased ammo and sword damage. Jagged Edge, on the other hand, will increase its damage at the cost of sword ammo. The Burst Guard perk gives the Honor's Edge sword guard a high defense while its efficiency is low. Enduring Guard does otherwise.

Future firepower

Three New Monarchy ranged weapons were also spotted within the "Destiny" Tracker.

These are the legendary hand cannon known as the Older Sister III, the Good Counsel legendary scout rifle, and the legendary sniper rifle - Maxim XI.

Dead Orbit has the most weapons that got uncovered with a total of five. Its scout rifle – Contingency Plan is a unique-looking long firearm alongside an equally distinct submachine gun known as Escape Velocity.

The Guiding Star is an automatic rifle the looks like an AK-47 on steroids. Controlling Vision, on the other hand, is a legendary sidearm while the Truthteller is a legendary grenade launcher.

Lastly, Four Future War Cult weapons were also seen in "Destiny 2's" database. These include the fusion rifle dubbed as Timelines' Vertex, the Memory Interdict grenade launcher, a submachine gun known as the Stochastic Variable, and Enigma's Draw which is a legendary sidearm.

Quite a number of players agree that FWC has the best sidearms among the three factions. However, it has yet to be seen if that will stay true with "Destiny 2."

Faction Rallies is slated to wrap up on Tuesday, October 3. Check out a video about "Destiny 2" here: