When it comes to MOBA games, it is hard not to include “Dota 2” in the conversation. This game continues to be a staple in the eSports scene. In fact, millions of players from around the world play it. But, according to PC Gamer, “Dota 2” is not looking good on Steam -- simply because of “Half-Life 3.” Well, here is everything about it in a nutshell.

No ‘Half-Life 3’

Just recently, a Valve writer named Marc Laidlaw posted a synopsis of “Half-Life 2: Episode 3” story. This was something he had already planned before the developer finally decided to distance itself from the critically acclaimed series.

It was reportedly styled like a gender-swapped fanfic of sorts. Without a doubt, it would have been a huge title in the industry today if the developers pushed it through. Apparently, though, this only reminded the hardcore fans about Valve and their decision to cease the game’s development. As a result, they took their frustrations out on Steam.

Fans eventually shifted their focus to “Dota 2.” They bombed its reviews section with negative ratings, though the game has nothing to do with “Half-Life 3.” They simply used it as a tool to vent their frustrations. It is also true that the MOBA game is under Valve and is one of the company’s most celebrated titles. Some believe that its success made it impossible for other titles such as “Half-Life 3” to exist.

Did “Dota 2” kill the game?

There are those in the community who believe that “Dota 2” killed the future of “HL3.” For them, Valve always wanted to focus their resources and efforts on improving the titular MOBA game. On Steam, someone suggested that, for the company, both “Dota 2” and “CS: GO” are worthier than “Half-Life 3.” Others said that if not for “Dota 2,” Valve would have been supporting “Half-Life 3” by now.

They even claimed that the game brought “Counterstrike’s” demise. It cannot be denied, though, that a great number of players are really into "Defense of the Ancient 2." Even the eSports scene recognizes its popularity; hence the number of tournaments held annually. In fact, one of the most recent events is none other than TI7.

For most fans, their hopes of experiencing "HL3" are over. Some, however, are still looking forward to seeing the game developed. As for “Dota 2,” the negative reviews did not necessarily kill its popularity on Steam. It is still one of the most installed titles, and its overall reviews still sits at “mostly positive.”