Ark Survival Evolved” is finally a complete game. After being an Early Access darling, developer Studio Wildcard decided to officially release it. Now, it is starting to become a massive success, as its community grows. Interestingly, the studio just revealed an upcoming expansion for “Ark Survival Evolved.” According to GameSpot, said expansion is expected to arrive sooner than most fans thought. Here is everything about this interesting development.

Introducing the new expansion

Studio Wildcard revealed the great news at PAX West. The expansion will be called "Aberration pack," and is expected to arrive sometime in October this year.

The studio further said that the upcoming expansion will take place on an ARK, with an internal atmosphere that has been heavily damaged. As a result, a harsh landscape surfaces. Players can also expect a plethora of lush underground biomes, all of which contain various creatures. The creatures are said to be unique and extremely rare. There will also be various items for players to acquire.

It is worth noting that players who have purchased the “Ark’s Explorer’s Edition” will be getting the expansion at no additional cost. Interestingly, though, everyone in the community will have the option to buy the expansion separately for only $20. Moreover, owners will be receiving a set of Aberration-themed cosmetic items, such as the Aberration Sword and Aberration Helmet, among others.

The second expansion

The "Aberration pack" in “Ark Survival Evolved” is the second expansion from developer Studio Wildcard. It follows the classic "Scorched Earth," which was released last year. Players will be offered new set of maps and tamable creatures. As for the items, there will be around 50, though the developers did not specify what the items are.

Players will also face a set of challenges, all unique and brand new to the game. Among these challenges is the task of overcoming the Nameless, which the developers describe as “unrelenting.”

Furthermore, the Nameless are deemed element-infused monstrosities. This is why they will require constant vigilance as they defend against any incoming attacks.

The developers will reportedly release further details about the upcoming expansion in the next few weeks or so. The studio might also reveal by then the exact release date of the "Aberration pack." This is something that players should look forward to.