The latest updates for "Destiny 2" will feature new details for the "Curse of Osiris" expansion and Bungie will launch the sequel's first Iron Banner next month.

Expansion 1 details

Bungie's marketing director Eric Osborne officially revealed more details for "Destiny 2's" first expansion, "Curse of Osiris" as the players will explore the uncharted area of the planet Mercury called "Infinite Forest." The Guardians will explore the hidden secrets of the mysterious wizard, Osiris and his protege Ikora Rey.

The first expansion will explore new story missions that players will enjoy and unlock new loot, armors, and weaponry.

Bungie also teased new cooperative activities and competitive arena maps for the sequel online multiplayer mode.

While the "Curse of Osiris" will be the first time that players will land on Mercury, this is not the first time the Guardians have ever set foot on the planet. In the first game, the "Buring Shrine" Crucible map places players on the planet closest to the sun, as does "Trials of Osiris" greatest reward, the Lighthouse.

Bungie announced the "Fast Travel" feature for the sequel as it allows players to got their destination faster on location points than on foot. Patrols and Public events are added to the game, and the publisher made some upgrades to more interesting and exciting.

New Iron Banner next month

Bungie announced that "Destiny's" annual PvP event, "Iron Banner" will launch in the sequel on October and teased new challenges for the players when they kill each other during the event.

While the game publisher did not reveal if the Iron Banner in the sequel will work the same way as the previous title, the PvP mode will now feature two Playlists: Quick Play and Competitive.

When the Iron Banner was first introduced in "Destiny," it only had a Control game type, but through the years it expanded and added new modes like Clash, Rift, and Mayhem.

Fans are also wondering who will be the host and vendor for the new Iron Banner as Lord Saladin was the usual host of the events before he was replaced by Lady Efrideet in "Rise of Iron" expansion.

Bungie announced that a new raid mission would launch on Sept. 13 and the return of the "Trials of Osiris" on Sept. 15. The trials will now allow players to have four players on their team instead of three, and fans expect that the mechanics will be the same as the first game.

"Destiny 2" is currently available on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Bungie will launch the PC version on Oct. 24.