The latest updates for "Destiny 2" will feature new game details for Fast Travel and character level gaps, and the release date for the sequel's first Raid mission.

New game features

Bungie announced new game details for "Destiny 2" regarding the character level gap and the fast travel feature in the in-game map. The sequel will feature four playable map areas: Titan, Io, Nessus, and the European Dead Zone. The opening map will show all of the accessible events within the area such as side quests and hidden chambers.

As the player progresses, the events within the map will change and unlock more PvE content within the sequel.

Patrols and Public Events will return to the game and Bungie has upgraded them to provide more exciting and diverse experiences. But the most exciting feature in the game is that players can now use fast travel on marked places without going there on foot. It is unknown yet if the player will have to unlock Landing Zones to gain fast travel.

For the character level gaps, "Destiny" players will start at level zero rather than level 300 from the first apex. Having a power level gap of 300 will be easier for players to start the sequel right, while level zero will require them to grind a little harder for them to survive the first chapter.

The sequel will have the ability to keep track of the player's possible engram load out without equipping a higher gear.

First Raid release date

Bungie announced that the first raid for "Destiny 2" will launch on Sept. 13 at 10 AM PT, a week after the sequel's official launch. This will give players the chance to prepare their Fireteam and gather as much gear and weapons as they can to complete the mission.

The game publisher also revealed that "Trials of Osiris" will return to the sequel on Sept.

15 at 10 AM PT. While the developers remain silent on the new features in the trials, gaming fans expect that the mechanics will likely be the same as the first game.There is also an increase in the number of players in a team, as the trials are required to have four Guardians instead of three.

Bungie announced that first DLC expansion for the game will be called "The Curse of Osiris" and will focus on players trying to save the wizard Osiris from the Vex race.

Game director Luke Smith stated that Vex will not be involved in the game's main story with Ghaul and the Red Legion.

The sequel will launch on Sept. 6 for the PS4 and Xbox One, and on Oct. 24 for the PC platform.