The latest updates for "Destiny 2" will feature new details of the sequel's first DLC, "The Cure of Osiris" and the return of the Vex race in future expansions. Bungie announced that the first DLC story for "Destiny 2" will launch in December as they wanted players to first finish the sequel's main story against Ghaul and his Red Legion before moving on to their next adventure.

According to Kotaku, the first DLC expansion will be called "The Curse of Osiris" and it will feature a new patrol area on the planet Mercury and unlock "The Lighthouse" from the first game as a social space with new vendors and quest givers.

Many players have theorized that the Lighthouse is more than just a reward chest area since there were tables that were set-up just like a social space.

The first DLC story

While the main plot of the DLC is still unknown, the name suggests that the wizard Osiris will have a much bigger role in the sequel. The latter first appeared "Trial of Osiris" PvP from the first game. "The Curse of Osiris" is also speculated to include a new raid for players to tackle and explore, but Bungie has yet to reveal details about the upcoming raids in the game.

The Vex is back

Game director Luke Smith revealed that the Vex will return in "Destiny 2," but they will not be featured in the sequel's main story.

"The Vex don't play specifically a role in the conflict between the Red Legion," Smith said.

"But while you're playing through Destiny 2, while you're playing a bunch of different content, we are pointing at places we are going to go.

The Vex is one of the five alien races that the Guardians have fought in the first game. They are semi-organic androids that attempted to seize control of Venus and Mars by turning the population into machines.

Gaming fans speculated that the Vex will be featured as the main antagonist of "The Curse of Osiris" DLC expansion and players will have to save the wizard from their clutches.

The organic android alien race will make themselves known in the sequel after the Guardians have dealt with the Red Legion in the main story arc and Bungie is more than happy to reveal more details about the first DLC soon.

The game file sizes for "Destiny 2" are 30.77 GB for the PlayStation 4, while the Xbox One is at 29.15 GB. Sadly, Bungie has not yet revealed the files size for the PC platform. The developers have also announced a new method of decrypting engrams in the sequel as gamers can now calculate their possible load out when using it and give them a new gear based on their current light level.