"Bungie's 'Destiny 2' server Queue is worse than you imagined and its latest reminders to players aren't promising as well. Due to the expected surge of players, everyone is advised to reserve some patience while waiting for their turn. According to the Gamespot, this may not come as a surprise to players who are used to playing new MMO games, but if you're waiting to hear some good news from Bungie, prepare to be disappointed.

According to Bungie's official website, it is important that a player on the queue will not attempt to leave or refresh.

Doing so will automatically put the player at the start of the queue. Things will not look up from there as Bungie confirms that in the event a player reaches the top and is unable to connect to the server, re-entering is needed in order to queue again. Ultimately, queue times may vary depending on the number of players who wants to join.

Destiny 2 server released ahead of launch

Bungie released the "Destiny 2" server ahead of its launching and several regions are still unable to play the game. Out of these regions, only Australia, Japan, and New Zealand have access online. Nevertheless, US based players who were able to secure an early physical copy can start playing the game. This also applies to players in other regions who were able to obtain a copy of the game.

In a separate report by Gamespot, players are advised to be careful in posting reviews and spoilers online. Those with physical copies of "Destiny 2" will likely reveal some features while the rest are still waiting on the queue. Taking into consideration the instant availability of "Nightfall Strike," don't expect the "Raid and Trials" to be present as it is scheduled to arrive next week.

Review of Destiny 2

DualShocker released a subtle review of "Destiny 2" saying, Bungie has done it again; creating an amazing first-person shooter that is totally different from its older version. As a break from the original game, DualShocker is confident the new game will be able to entice old and new players. Apparently, there's so much more to do with this version and with some impressive cutscenes that invite players to the next mission.

For Bungie, efforts to accommodate everyone seem like a challenging task that is way bigger than the actual development of the game. Still, it is a welcome challenge that shows how successful the game is. For the fans, it pays to be patient and follow the developer's instructions on the server queue.