As the official release date of the second first person shooter game from Bungie is fast approaching, fans are trickled with more details about the game. However, new information coming from the game developer recently caused disappointment to most fans. According to the developer, in “Destiny 2,” fans will not be able to customize their migrated character from the original game.


One of the features in “Destiny 2” that has impressed many players is the Migration. This enables player’s accounts, clans, and even characters from the original game to be transferred to the second game installment.

Bungie earlier promised fans that the appearance of the player’s Guardian would be carried forward to the upcoming title. With this, fans are expecting that their own personal avatar in the game could be further customized in the second game. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Bungie’s explanation

On, the game developer further explained in detail the process of Character Migration from the original game to the second game installment. The developer clarifies that players have the option to import their previous character to the upcoming game. However, the appearance of the character will stay locked. Moreover, players will not be able to edit the migrated character in the Customization Options of the upcoming game.

The developer reiterated that at this point, they have no plans of allowing players to edit imported characters.

This information will surely disappoint those who are assuming that they can still customize their characters in the second game. So far, the game developer has not yet revealed anything about the Character Customization Menu in the upcoming title, which will only be available to imported avatars and not to characters.

What can players do?

For those who would like to be able to customize their characters with as many options as possible in the upcoming title, it is best to start a fresh character. This way, full access to the game’s Customization Palette would be available. Several fans are now wondering if the customization in the upcoming title will be the same or ultimately different from the original game.

Meanwhile, the beta for the console version of the game has already ended and the PC beta is starting this month. The much-awaited second first-person shooter game, “Destiny 2” is scheduled to release on September 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. While it will be released at a later date on PC on October 24.