Game company Bandai Namco has released some new details for their upcoming video game “Code Vein.” It also features new characters and their information.

Gift System details revealed

This new video game has several new features to check out that could change the direction of a battle. Players can change the outcome by choosing other possibilities like the Gift System that allows them to use up to eight gifts. These gifts will temporarily upgrade the stats of their characters and make them stronger.

These gifts can increase the strength of their attacks and some can even make them sturdier against enemies.

There are also other gifts that could increase other stats, but they would need specific equipment to do so.

Drain feature information

Using attacks, evasion, dash, and the Drain feature will deduct stamina points from its gauge. Players will have to check their Stamina Gauge every time they make an action so that they can survive a battle.

Players will also be able to use Ichor points for special attacks in “Code Vein.” The points can be increased with a successful Drain attack that they can use against enemies. They can also deal a lot of damage against enemies with a special type of Drain attack.

Increasing abilities with Focus System

Another feature that can temporarily increase the abilities of the character is the Focus System.

This can be achieved by successfully dodging an attack from an enemy and they should also be surrounded by a lot of enemies. This was included so that players could handle such extreme situations and get away from getting killed.

Various customizations with Character Creation system

Players can also create their own characters and customize them with the Character Creation system.

The different features they can adjust are the gender, voice, body, and hair style. Other costumes and physical changes might be available later in the game.

New characters revealed

The first of the new characters in "Code Vein" is Louis, who is the young leader of the group. He is trying to help out other Revenants out there who are suffering the bloodlust issue.

He hears information about the Blood Beads, which could help out as a substitute for human blood and sets out to find it.

The second new character is Io, who is a female Revenant warrior and is the companion of the player during their travels. Aside from knowing what Vein is, she has no memory of her past.

Check out the gameplay video of "Code Vein" here: