The official Japanese-language website of Nintendo just updated the career track of popular gaming character Super Mario. The company revealed that Super Mario is no longer a plumber, but constantly engages himself in sports.

When translated into English, the new description of the popular character’s profile stated that he does all cool things such as tennis, baseball, soccer, and car racing. The profile said, “In fact, Super Mario seems to have been employed as a plumber a long time ago.”

The famous character, well-known for his mustache and distinctive sounds in the gaming world, had been described as a plumber.

He used to team up with his brother, Luigi. The game has captivated millions of gamers around the world, released in various versions.

The general gameplay of Super Mario Bros centers on his adventures fighting deadly plans, going through plumbing pipes, shooting turtles and facing certain villains. His mission has always been to save a princess, a damsel in distress who needs rescuing from a castle.

The story behind the character

Nintendo’s co-representative and Japanese video game producer Shigeru Miyamoto shared that Mario has not “always been a plumber,” gaming website Kotaku recently reported. Miyamoto explained that the original character, who was named “Jumpman,” was basically doing carpentry jobs.

In the 1980s version of "Donkey Kong," the game that featured the character was set on a construction site. Until the game was developed to become "Mario Bros," then he and Luigi had scenes played underground and were associated with the plumbing profession. Miyamoto told the USA Today that the scene settings had always dictated his role.

The evolution of the character

The Nintendo Video game producer further explained that the iconic character has evolved and changed, with the “evolution of digital technology,” USA Today reported. Recent innovations are fresh and exciting, and these reflect upon the characters of Super Mario and Luigi.

He added that Mario is a very well-known image, but comes in fresh from time to time because he always does new things based on how the technology shapes him.

As a matter of fact, new versions of the classic game are still being produced until today. reported that “Super Mario Odyssey,” the latest title in the series, is now available for pre-order. The game features wedding-inspired characters of Mario, Peach, and villain Bowser.