Destiny 2” is here. The highly awaited sequel to the first-person shooter series “Destiny” packs a lot of action for its excited fans. While taking on the adventure, players will find a lot of brand new challenges for the Guardians to face as they make their way to the Red Legion.

While fighting the enemies, players will find that “Destiny 2” has put a lot of effort in character building. Just like the first series, there is more room for growth after reaching level 20. With stronger foes ahead, there are many ways to quickly level up the characters.

Red War Campaign and Public Events

Destiny 2” will have many missions for players to take. While doing so, it will be wise to take many of these quests for rewards. One particular opportunity for this is during the Red War. The countless events of the campaign will help every character during the first hours of the game. While in this stage, the players will also meet a lot of characters that will offer them new rewards and other quests.

Key reward items from finishing story events will be very much helpful for any player. For example, one good item will be available for everybody during the first missions on Titan. Commander Sloane will provide the players a special item. These rewards will definitely come in handy for the difficult challenges ahead.

Another thing that will help “Destiny 2” players on their journey is taking on Public events. Taking on Lost Sectors and Adventure missions are very good methods of acquiring gear. Lost Sector’s dungeon like setting will guide players to stronger enemies and many loot chests. Although they can be quite difficult to find, players are sure to become much stronger every time they conquer one.


After the Red War campaign, players will find themselves focused on the all new Milestone system. The tasks in the updated version of this system will have rewards that cannot be found in the later parts of the game. A lot of objectives will be difficult, especially with challenges like Glory in Crucible matches and Nightfall, the rewards are worth the hardship.

Going through them will not just give you powerful items, but also enough experience for the next raid battle.

Overall despite the new challenges, “Destiny 2’s” power up system is less complicated than the first series. With many other ways to make characters stronger, players can find many alternatives to make themselves improve.

Destiny 2” is the sequel to Activision’s first-person shooter game “Destiny.” It is out now for the PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.