After having already released the final downloadable content (DLC) for its highly popular action role-playing video game, "Dark Souls 3," Bandai Namco was rumored to have moved on from the franchise and is reportedly working on a brand new RPG title. Now, the company has finally revealed details about the game they have been working on, which is a new Action Rpg video game called "Code Vein."

Official first look at the new title

Aside from officially announcing the new title, Bandai Namco also released a number of screenshots and promotional images, which should give fans an idea of what is coming.

Unlike the games in the "Dark Souls" franchise, "Code Vein" will be featuring a more anime-like set of characters. Despite the anime aesthetic, the game still apparently feature a lot of grotesque and bloody scenes as well as largely overpowered bosses.

An animated dungeon-exploring RPG

The game is revealed to be a dungeon crawling game, where players will get to explore different areas and fight off different monsters. Several items and drops can also be collected within the areas, which can be used to further enhance the player's stats and abilities.

A somewhat unique take on a popular platform

According to the game's official synopsis, players will be taking the role of a Revenant, which is a fancy word for the living dead a.k.a.

a vampire, as they explore a post-apocalyptic future laid to waste by a "mysterious disaster." The vampires, called the "Vein" within the game, are a secret society of people endowed with special powers in exchange for a thirst for blood.

Bandai Namco is promising players a unique take on the typical dungeon RPG with the addition of some new gameplay features.

The publisher revealed that players will be able to user items such as Blood Veils to drain their enemies blood to enhance their abilities. Players can also apparently change into different forms, each with its own unique ability and weaknesses. Players will also be going through the game with an AI-controlled "buddy," which will help them with different tasks.

This apparently allows for a more strategic gameplay experience as opposed to it being just a simple button mashing affair.

"Code Vein" is currently being developed by the same team responsible for the hit action RPG, "God Eater." The game is revealed to be launched for "major home consoles," which likely means that it will be available for the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Bandai has unfortunately not yet specified if the game will become available for the Windows PC or the Nintendo Switch.