Bandai Namco has recently revealed more information about their action JRPGCode Vein.” The game company higher-ups promised that the players would be challenged when they play this game.

Players will have to get right with this game

The game company revealed new information about their upcoming video game in an interview with DualShockers just recently. Producer Keita Iizuka and director Hiroshi Yoshimura informed everyone that it would have no easier difficulty settings. Players will have to get better with their characters as they progress through the game.

Designed to make players get stronger

The producer and director also discussed that their video game was designed to make players get stronger on their own. They want them to find their own methods of getting stronger in it. They also want them to choose the right dungeons that are compatible with their abilities.

Blood Code can be changed

The game company revealed a saving grace for players who find it difficult to progress in “Code Vein.” They will be able to change their characters’ Blood Code at some point in their journeys. This can change the stats of their characters, and it can give them a chance to have a better build.

With this new method, players can now test out different types of builds in the whole course of the game.

They can finally overcome difficult enemies that they could not take down before.

Big difference with their game

Iizuka revealed that the significant difference of their video game compared to the “Dark Souls” series is the companion system. The character that the players will be controlling will have a companion character that will join them in their battles.

Each of these companions has their own unique personalities and background stories.

In this way, players will be able to relate with their companions. They will not just be there for helping out in fights, but they can also be someone to talk to.

Character creation feature

Game company Bandai Namco recently revealed the character creation feature.

Players can change their genders, and also their appearance with the different options being offered in the game. They promised that it will have different types of customizations available for players to try out.

Players could change the character’s body, voice, shape, hair style, and more. Voice options are also available for those who want to try out different tones.

New character revealed

The game company also revealed two new characters in “Code Vein.” These characters are Rui and Io. Rui is a young leader of the revenants, and Io is a female amnesiac revenant who travels with the hero.

Check out the "Code Vein" Announcement Trailer here: