Bungie has just released a new blog post announcing "Destiny 2's" Scheduled Downtime and service maintenance. This was dropped alongside the juicy details about the game's upcoming Faction Rallies that is bound to go live next week.

According to the new blog post, "Destiny 2" will be shutting down momentarily on Monday, September 25. This is to implement workarounds with some confirmed issues that are still being investigated by Bungie.

Confirmed bugs detailed

Some of the known bugs include the ritual reset not able to close Trials of the Nine completely.

After the fix, players can expect that the activity will be up and running every Friday at 10 AM PDT up until Tuesday at 2 AM PDT.

Clan XP not being granted to players upon completing public events is one of the issues being checked on. Another confirmed glitch is the Clan Engrams not being awarded to qualifying participants. In line with this, the developer further explained that player who defect from a clan and joins a new one in the middle of the week, won't be getting Engrams until the game is reset the following week.

There is also a bug at the Exodus Crash Nightfall strike where items are not properly spawning. However, Bungie stated that this can be temporarily fixed by simply relaunching the activity for objectives to resolve the glitch.

Silver glitch and workaround

The developer also addressed a bug where "Destiny 2" players' who purchased Silver are getting bogged down due to "query failed" and Silver sync pending" error messages. Bungie advised these players to shut down the "Destiny" game application, clear their console caches, relaunch the game, and select any character.

The purchased Silver will now be present in their inventory.

Faction Rallies next week

Meanwhile, Bungie also provided details on their upcoming Faction Rallies as it will definitely give players another reason to grind more within the game. Basically, the upcoming event will allow players to choose a faction between Dead Orbit (Jalaal), Future War Cult (Lakshmi-2), and New Monarchy (Executor Hideo).

Once a faction has been decided, players can take on some activities and they will be rewarded with faction tokens provided that they completed the activity. These faction tokens can be exchanged for packages that are stashed with nifty loot. The faction who generates the most packages at the end of the event will be declared the victor and a unique weapon will be up for sale.

However, there is a twist. Guardians who pledged their allegiance to the winning faction can buy that unique weapon for only 1,000 glimmer. Otherwise, players need to have 50,000 glimmer to purchase the unique weapon.

"Destiny 2's" Faction Rally will kick off on the 26th and will wrap up on October 3. Check out a video about the game here: