Blizzard knows how to excite their fans, as two new characters for "Heroes of the Storm" were just announced as part of a crossover with "Overwatch" heroes Ana and Junkrat. Blizzard revealed today that there will be two new characters plus an additional map for “Heroes of the Storm” PC version.

New characters

"Heroes of the Storm" is known to add characters from other Blizzard games. Since the shooting game "Overwatch" has more than 30 million players for its PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One versions, adding new characters to HOTS can attract more gamers.

Ana is a sniper who can heal her teammates using her long-range shots. Using Ana as a support character in “Heroes of the Storm” can change the gameplay. Meanwhile, Junkrat is an explosives expert who can shoot grenades and lay out traps to kill the members of the other team. He can be put as a defensive player in HOTS to splash damages.

Additional map

Other than the two new characters, according to Game Spot, there will also be an additional battleground map for "Heroes of the Storm": Volskaya Foundry. It is similar to the Volskaya Industries map of “Overwatch” that takes place in a three-lane Russian robot factory full of snow. It includes giant mechs for team piloting, capture points, and moving conveyor belts.

The “Heroes of the Storm” update will also include mounts and new skins. It is a free to play game that has a loot chest system. This system can unlock cosmetics that the gamer can use for their heroes in “Overwatch.”

New game events

HOTS player can join forces and pilot the giant mechas known as Triglav Protector. While a player manages the movements of the mecha, another player can control the guns.

For these mechas to be used, players need to get the control points.

There are two rumored new events for the game: The Bash ‘Em Smash ‘Em Robots. This brawl will enable players to use mechanical units to fight against each other. Each team will start with one mecha each. They need to push forward to keep spawning. Blizzard calls this as a non-stop giant robot smashing action.

There will also be an “Overwatch”-themed event to happen in HOTS: Pachimari Mania According to PC Games, N. Players need to race to open the Pachimari loot boxes. If players get the golden Pachimari, they will get sprays, banners, emojis, and portraits.

There is an indefinite timeline for this. Details about the new heroes, maps, and event are still yet to be revealed by Blizzard.