The second game installment from Bungie dubbed as “Destiny 2” is making waves in the gaming community since it was released on PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. While the PC release is still a month away, console players are exploring the first-person shooter title with excitement. One of the popular topics in the community is the first raid dubbed as Leviathan.

There are many gaming sites nowadays sharing guides on how to successfully pass the raid. There are also tips and tricks that players can use as a reference to make playing easier. However, there is one particular characteristic in this raid that every player should know so as not to waste time and effort.

Leviathan Raid

The first raid in “Destiny 2,” dubbed as the Leviathan offers a lot of spots to explore. Among the fan-favorite places in the raid are main hub and the four rooms that serve as venues for encounters. Aside from these, there is a mammoth labyrinth that players explore to acquire chests filled with loots. After the puzzles in the raid are solved and the raid bosses annihilated, the keys are essential in order to unlock the chests located in the concealed labyrinth.

Secret of the raid keys

Players will have one whole week to search the labyrinth and locate the chests that will unlock using the keys. However, the keys you found will only be used within that week. One of the secret characteristics of the keys in the Leviathan Raid is that they reset along with the game.

The weekly reset happens every Tuesday.

This information can be found on the help article provided by the game developer on its official website. In their official Twitter account, Bungie shared the information again. The tweet reminds players that the keys in their possession will disappear from their inventories 2:00 AM PDT on Tuesday.

Aside from the keys, the Leviathan Raid also resets at the same time every week.

Other details

While many secrets in the Leviathan Raid have been uncovered, there might be more that will be discovered soon enough. The raid’s labyrinth section could still be hiding special gems that are still concealed somewhere. In October, another mode will be available to players called Prestige mode.

The second game installment from Bungie is now available to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. Meanwhile, the PC players will get their hands on the popular first-person shooter game “Destiny 2” starting October 24, 2017.