The latest updates for "Overwatch" will feature Ana Amari and Junkrat in "Heroes of the Storm" and game director Jeff Kaplan revealed new details for the 26th hero in the game.

New 'Overwatch' heroes for 'HotS' roster

Blizzard Entertainment announced that Junkrat and Ana Amari will be added in the next update for "Heroes of Storm." The two heroes will be part of the "Volskaya Foundry" content, which featured "HotS" players fighting gigantic mech robots from Volskaya Industries. Junkrat and Ana are the latest characters representing the "Overwatch" team in the game joining Tracer, Zarya, Lucio, D.Va, and Genji.

The developers will announce gameplay trailers for these two characters very soon

As for the new map, Volskaya is a large three-lane map with conveyor belts that can speed up or slow down a player's movement as they try to reach the capture points around the area. Once the players capture the points, two members of the team will have a chance to control a giant mech called the "Triglav Protector." One player will control the mech's movements, while the other player will be the gunner to take out enemies

Blizzard told GameSpot they are still looking new vehicles that required more than two pilots. The game publisher also teased more "Overwatch" themed events for "Heroes of the Storm" in their future plans.

The 26th hero coming soon

Game director Jeff Kaplan revealed new details for the next playable hero in "Overwatch" as he explained the character is "very playable and very fun," but the hero is not yet ready to join the roster soon.

"Hero 26 is very playable and very fun internally, and that's all I'll say," Kaplan said. "It's not coming out as soon as you think, but Hero 26 is amazing."

Fans have speculated that the game's new map,"Junkertown" will introduce the next playable character and it could be the city's leader, the Junker Queen.

Kaplan and his team revealed that the Junker Queen was once a gladiator fighter and has earned her leadership status due to her natural charisma.

Junkertown will also explore the origins of Junkrat and Roadhog in the game. Roadhog was once a solar farmer in the Australian ominum factories before the Omnics took over. He and his fellow solar farmers fought back, but in the process, they blow up the factories.

Junkrat will try to bribe his way to get back to Junkertown by delivering a payload full of gold and treasures from their heists to the Junker Queen. Unbeknownst to her, the latter put a bomb underneath the payload to blow up the queen's throne room.

The new map will be available in the game on Sept. 19.