Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is expected to be part of “WWE 2K18” as one of the playable characters. Aside from that, it looks like the actor/wrestler has gotten a side role as well.

According to the Wwe 2K site, Rock will serve as Executive Music Producer for the upcoming game. He has selected 11 of his favorite tunes for inclusion. Among the artists selected include Disturbed and Kanye West.

A new career for the Rock?

Being in Hollywood, it seems a bit odd considering Johnson was never really tied up to music. Then again, being exposed to various films which make use of different soundtracks could be a reason.

Regardless, the former WWE champion claims that music is one of his sole anchors. Looking through the list of songs over at Game Rant, fan reception will likely vary. The playlist will also be available through Apple Music, a teaser for fans until “WWE 2K18” is ready to roll out.

Perfect for an all-improved WWE 2K game

Through the years, the focus has always been on the graphics and improved game play. The sounds that go with all of that have taken a back seat, most already familiar with the wrestler entrance tunes plus as well as other music for special events and segments.

The Rock’s selection of tunes will likely be up for debate at some point. Compared to the visuals, the attention to that may not be as controversial.

Aside from the tunes for “WWE 2K18”, the real focus is the graphical display to expect. Screenshots have already been leaked. Some of the stars already shown include Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar, and Randy Orton.

If the photos are to be based, WWE 2K gamers are in for quite a treat visually. But will the graphics hold up once the action gets going?

Such is a concern by Brian Mazique of Forbes who would prefer to see the performance on actual gameplay.

Seeing screenshots is one thing but the graphics performance during matches or storyline will be crucial. With versions for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch coming out, it may all boil down to the hardware.

Those game consoles are packed with high-end features, meaning gamers may have little to worry about. But then again, games are not free from bugs and glitches. At some point, there could be malfunctions – both for graphics and the soundtracks.

Either way, “WWE 2K18” is expected to be a big hit even with hiccups possibly included. The PS4 and Xbox One versions are set to come out on Oct. 17 while the Nintendo Switch edition will come out in the fall.