Take-Two Interactive has been very aggressive in its marketing campaign for its highly anticipated title, ‘’WWE 2K18’'.This is evident in the wide array of posts of the game’s memorabilia of iconic characters scattered in different social media outlets. These posts, however, helped several fans to discover some juicy details of the game. Here is what we know so far about the game's Pre-order Bonus, storyline, and pre-order character among others.

Latest leaks

In the official Twitter account of “WWE 2K18”, it posted several items that showcase the history of WWE.

These items include a Hall of Fame statue of Andre the Giant and the ATV of Steve Austin to name a couple. In a report published by PWInsider, they have learned that these pieces will be kept within a secured facility to be held as archives.

However, in the game’s trailer, it was shown that someone breaks into the museum, and destroys these historic pieces of WWE memorabilia. In the end of the footage, it was revealed that Seth Rollins was the one responsible for the contemptible act. According to the website, this incident would lead to other information about the game including the pre-order bonus.


From the information revealed by the website, for players who pre-order, they will get Kurt Angle as a playable character.

In addition, the storyline will be about Angle tracking the person who vandalized and destroyed the memorabilia kept as archived in the museum. On who will win in the fight still remains to be seen. However, this scenario is so familiar for those who have known how the game was advertised in the past. It can be recalled that Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg were introduced in the same way in the game’s previous installment.


On their official Twitter, the game teased about a possible big announcement in their SportsCenter show where Seth Rollins would be featured. According to several claims, the athlete will most likely announce the game’s footage during the show’s episode. Aside from the trailer, fans are also expecting that the hashtag #BLN1 will also be explained during the announcement.

The hashtag, by the way, stands for Be Like No One.

WWE 2K18” is scheduled to release in the Fall of 2017. Currently, the 2017 version of the game is available on PlayStation 3 and 4, on Xbox One and 360, and on PC. Although there were several claims that the game will also be released on the hybrid console, no confirmation from Take-Two Interactive has been released about this yet.